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This is a FREE Landlord Mastermind that helps you get started on your journey to cashflow FOREVER and Real Freedom. If you want help learning a "SMARTER" way to serve tenants and build wealth, discover the concept, strategy, and methods... Here. We. Go!



This is a PAID Landlord Mastermind that helps professional landlords optimize their rental businesses to the MAX! If you're serious and want to progress to the highest levels while networking with other pro landlords, Get Knighted & Take Your Seat At The Round Table Here...

4Δ Starter Kit


This is the 4DELTA Starter Kit—it's the ULTIMATE landlord package to get you up to speed FAST! I give you everything you need to get the job done, straight to the point, with no fluff. If you're a new landlord and need step-by-step guidance to place a tenant, this is for you!

4Δ Pro Kit


This is the 4DELTA Pro Kit—it's the landlord UPGRADE for the 4DELTA Starter Kit! Go from hobbyist to professional! Get that plain vanilla business advantage. Learn how to never use your personal information, limit your liability, and be more efficient. If you're going to be a landlord long-term and you want to be a proper landlord, this is for you!



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