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E-Lock & Handleset

Deadbolt & Handleset

This ➡️ Kwikset 270 (or ➡️ Kwikset 260) is my preferred electronic deadbolt of choice. You'll also need a non-locking ➡️ Kwikset Handleset too.


Rekey Instructions

I rekey all my Kwikset e-locks so I just have one primary master key. I don't provide tenants with physical keys. I give them a move-in code and this ➡️ Kwikset Guide so they can change the codes on their own if they want. 

Hidden Lockbox

Outdoor Lockbox

This ➡️ Key Lockbox is my hide-a-key hack. All I do is put a copy of my one primary master key inside and lock it to a secure point under the power meter connection.

Exhaust Fan Switch

Motion Sensor Switch

This ➡️ Motion Sensor Switch is my preferred exhaust fan switch upgrade. You have to make sure of a few things: I prefer to use this on a single-pole light switch circuit, where the light switch only controls the exhaust fan (I don't like the exhaust fan light combos). Lastly, just make sure your decora switch wallplates use the paddle switches, if not you'll have to upgrade your other light switches to the paddle style.

Ant Remediation

Ghost Ant Baiting

➡️ Bait + ➡️ Caulk + ➡️ Caulking Gun

Water Shut Off

Shut Off Multi-Tool

Removing Minor Clogs

Unclogging Pipe Tool

360° Camera

Leasing Photos

➡️ 360 Camera — get the Zillow app here.


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